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College Mentorship Program

Launched in 2012, the College Mentorship Program was established to empower the next generation of Taiwanese Americans to be strong leaders and create lifelong relationships. The Program provides mentors and mentees alike with the safety and intimacy of a shared cultural background to grow our professional selves.

The fourth year of the Mentorship Program coincides with a tipping point in the job market. In April 2016, “personal branding” reached peak popularity as a search term on Google. The concept of developing a personal story has now crossed over from business functions into most other positions. With 87 million millennials on Linkedin, candidates know that strengthening their branding skills means gaining a competitive advantage in the hunt for jobs.

To address the trend, the Program will now cover both the hard and soft skills that are the basic requirements of any college student entering the job market. In format, the Program will be comprised of a branding workshop, followed by a practical training session. The purpose of the branding workshop will be to find your unique point of view in which to build your resume, Linkedin profile, and interview and networking style on.

This year mentors will take on the crucial role of serving as their mentee’s partner in growth. As partners, mentors and mentees will develop their brand stories alongside one another in our workshop sessions. Designed to help new and experienced mentors alike, the partnership advantageously positions the mentor to teach by doing, and fosters a bond through the completion of a shared task. While serving as an active role model for their mentees, mentors can seamlessly enjoy workshopping their personal brands and investing toward their own careers.

What are the goals of the Program?

  • Bridge the gap between skills taught in school and skills needed to succeed at the workplace relevant to the Taiwanese and Asian American community
  • Develop a memorable personal brand for our mentors and mentees
  • Provide academic and professional advice   
  • Build a network of Taiwanese Americans across generations for career and community opportunities

Who are the mentees?

UCLA and USC undergraduate students, particularly juniors and seniors, who are equally motivated and enthusiastic in learning from our mentors.

What does Program participation look like?

The program runs from October to May. Mentors and mentees are required to attend at least 4 out of 5 group sessions and meet individually once a month, with phone and email conversation encouraged in between.

Group session locations will alternate between USC and UCLA. The Mentorship Program starts with a branding workshop taking place from 10am to 11:30 am/12 noon depending on the topic at hand. The branding workshop will then be followed by a practical training session, which is optional to provide flexibility with your life schedule. Although of course we will greatly miss your presence :’(

Mentorship Program group session schedules:

Session 1, 10/22 10am-1pm (location TBD):

  • Orientation
  • Branding Workshop: Why build a personal brand when job hunting
  • Let’s Practice: Speed networking, leading a conversation


Session 2, 11/05 10am-1pm (location TBD):

  • Branding Workshop: Establish your professional purpose
  • Let’s Practice: Mock interviews
  • Let’s Discuss: Speed networking & interviews


Session 3, 01/21 10am-1pm (location TBD):

  • Branding Workshop: Name your strengths, elevate your failures
  • Let’s Practice + Discuss: Resumes


Session 4, 03/04 10am-1pm (location TBD):

  • Branding Workshop: Find your unique professional value
  • Let’s Practice + Discuss: LinkedIn, cover letters, portfolios, personal websites


Session 5, 04/08 10am-1pm (location TBD):

  • Branding Workshop: Build your personal brand story
  • Let’s Practice + Discuss: Mock interviews


04/15 Careers Fireside Chat + Year End Banquet


How are mentors and mentees paired up?

Students will list their top choices of mentors based on mentor bios and the mentorship coordinators will match each mentor and mentee according to industry, background, and/or interests.

Who can be a mentor?

We are looking for professionals from all walks of life (entrepreneurs and female leaders especially!) with preferably 5 years of work experience, at minimum 3. An ideal mentor would be someone enthusiastic about helping young talent grow and happy to meet other mentors who share a collective background.

A few sentences that describes you may be:

  • Open minded
  • Interested in growth, interested in fostering growth
  • Likes to contribute to conversation
  • Self reflective
  • Friendly

How do I apply to become a mentor?

Applications are closed for 2016-17 school year, but we hope you will join us and be a mentor next year!

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