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TAP into ART - "Divine Immersion: The Experiential Art of Nick Dong" at the USC-Pacific Asia Museum

  • Saturday, October 02, 2021
  • 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
  • USC Pacific Asia Museum


  • Registration for the Event. Tickets to be bought directly at the museum.

Dear TAP Art and Culture fans, we are proud to support Taiwanese American artist Nick Dong by going to see his immersive/experiential art exhibit now on display at the USC Pacific Asia Museum. Get lost in his heavenly reflective chamber or watch dancing, levitating sculptures in this unique exhibition. 

The Taiwan-born, Oakland-based artist is bringing five experiential pieces to Pasadena’s USC Pacific Asia Museum, in which Nick Dong has commissioned soundtracks for various levitating objects; Immersion, a quiet meditation experience; Becoming Horizon, a mix of light, music and kinetic sculpture inspired by the Big Bang; and Heaven, a mirrored space where you’re supposed to let all of your fears and material possessions melt away. This will be your last chance to see Nick Dong's work because the show is ending after our visit.
Each person will buy their own ticket at the entrance. Then our group will enter together and people can walk around the museum. For those interested, we will go to a local spot for beverages and snacks and discussion afterwards. 
Capacity for this event is limited to 30 attendees max so reserve your spot as soon as possible. Free Parking is available on the corner of Los Robles and Union, north of the builing. Parking available until 5:30 pm at the museum.

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