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Introducing sweetYippie crafts

Sunday, May 23, 2021 10:05 AM | Evelyn Lin

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Introducing sweetYippie crafts


Instagram: @sweetyippie_crafts 

TikTok: @sweetyippie_crafts

Origin Story of

sweetYippie crafts:

"sweetYippie crafts was created by Christina Yip in 2016. It started off as an Instagram account to showcase her growing practice of calligraphy and crochet. Soon, she expanded her interests to card making and other DIY crafts, including customized wedding signs. Throughout the years, her family and friends suggested that she open her own shop to sell her crafts, but she always replied, “I’m not ready, but soon!” or “When I’m good enough”. In 2020, she realized that if she doesn’t do it now, she will always give excuses. And now here we are: an Etsy shop that currently sells greeting cards, crochet pins, and customized gifts. More fun things to come soon! 

what's sweetYippie? 

sweetYippie is a play on words of my last name and my love for sweets and baking (although I no longer have an interest in baking). It's now grown to one of my core values of being kind (and sweet) to others."

Personal Story:

“I didn’t consider having a small business when I first started. I just wanted to have fun and create things for my loved ones, but over time, I always wondered “what if?” Crafting things always made me happy and I felt that gifting them to others would bring them a little bit of happiness too. At the end of 2020, I decided to stop making excuses and be brave! If I don’t sell anything, then at least I tried. The success or failure of a shop doesn’t define my artistic skills or myself. My shop has been open for 1.5 months and I’ve made a few sales, mostly to friends and colleagues (thank you!). I’m hoping to sell to many others soon, but now, I’m just crafting with love and happiness patiently until then.” -- Christina Yip

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